Marketing Principles That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Keep in Mind

As every established business mogul will tell you-marketing is a key element to business success. With the use of the proper marketing strategies, you will be able to reach out to your target audience, encourage them to support your brand or business-and increase your profitability at the same time.

Take note though: marketing is not as easy as many think. There are various aspects and principles that should be seriously taken into account, for utmost efficiency. And the more you are able to learn such details-the more the chance that you will succeed.

With that in mind, here are some marketing principles that you might want to use for your endeavors:

Always Plan Ahead

You should always have a marketing plan, before anything else. This is essential, as it actually allows you to weigh your options, as well as help you minimize or eliminate any untoward risks relating to your business.

Are you planning to use traditional marketing methods? Do you plan to use a website to reach your target audience? What types of promotional products will you be using? What specific market niche do you intend to cater to?

Planning is and will always be a good strategy-regardless of the business you may be in. As it is, you should never leave it unheeded nor take it for granted. Accordingly, this will help you build a solid fan base, which consequently, can help you earn more benefits from your ventures.

Be Clear with Your Message

First and foremost, you must realize that marketing is about communication. As it is, you should be able to clearly deliver your message to your audience, whoever they may be. Be brief, concise-and direct to the point. The quicker you are able to make people understand what you are actually saying, the better will it be for your efforts.

Note: this is where you initial marketing plans come into play. By knowing who your target audience is and the methods to reach out to them-you’ll be able to aptly strategize on the methods of delivering your message. Accordingly, this will help you “connect” with your market and help you in effectively convincing them that you are really what they need.

Be Creative

Saying and doing the same things over and over again is never a good marketing strategy. You need to learn how to deliver your message in different ways and in the “marketing language” that your intended audience can actually understand.

For example: if you want to market to teens, then don’t be too formal. You will need to at least try to make your tone a bit “hip” in order to encourage them to listen. If your target market is mothers, then you might want to add a feminine and “motherly” touch to your content or to the promotional products you’re handing out (examples: baby items, travel kits, ladies’ clothing and other useful items).

Use Different Platforms

In this digital age, the number of platforms that businesses can use to their advantage has enormously grown. From email marketing, Internet marketing, to social media marketing-there are more than many methods that you can use to your advantage. All you need to do is to pick that particular marketing mode which you believe can bring the most benefits.

Always Deliver on Your Claims and Promises

If you claim that you will be handing out promotional products to the first 100 visitors of your expo booth, or will be giving customer discounts to loyal clients-then make sure to deliver on those claims. This will help you establish your reputation, and it will also help build trust between you and your clients.

These are just some of the marketing principles that aspiring entrepreneurs should follow. In the end, what’s important is that you are able to bring your business to greater, better heights. Good luck!

5 Inexpensive Marketing Tactics That Work With Smaller Budgets

New marketing strategies and channels are growing fast as our digital world evolves with each year. An entrepreneur on a limited marketing budget should first identify the best possible method and tactic for marketing. What in essence will deliver the most bang for the marketing dollar. The following marketing tactics are a great start for entrepreneurs wanting to create momentum for their brand.

Make Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a Marketing Priority

A company website is one of the most important tools if not “The” most important tool for a business. It is often, where potential customers get their first impression of a brand. SEO campaigns help brands drastically improve their website when done right. When optimizing a website for SEO campaigns, almost all aspects of a website are improved. Therefore, the website increases in quality. SEO campaigns are created to have a brand’s website appear in the top search results of dominant Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing organically. This means, it is not shown in search through paid advertising, but in the organic search results. They are more trusted and yield a much greater click-through rate.

Google’s free AdWords tool helps entrepreneurs identify what keyword phrases yield the most traffic online. Those should be considered for optimization and SEO, but competitiveness should be kept in mind. At times, smaller niche markets are easier and faster to reach. AdWords will be able to provide all those details for entrepreneurs.

Use Google Analytics Constantly to Gain Valuable Insights

Too often entrepreneurs fly blindly. This means, they do not really know what is happening to their website and marketing efforts. Without factual data, a business is not be able to measure their efforts. With Google Analytics and other third party tools, entrepreneurs can get quickly reports, statistics, and measurements of their marketing efforts.

Entrepreneurs must embrace tools such as Google Analytics to successfully launch and manage marketing campaigns. Even though there are many other tools, Google’s Analytics and Webmaster Central are essential to online success and should be frequently utilized by website operators and entrepreneurs. Intelligence information is crucial to understanding once marketing efforts.

Content Marketing Campaigns Can Yield Great Results Online

Many entrepreneurs neglect the importance of content marketing efforts. Content marketing is one of the most beneficial marketing tactics, can be free or small investments, and the publishing and distribution is free as well on many websites. Entrepreneurs can create quality content, publish it, and distribute it with very small investments or free.

Content marketing is considered the creation of articles, blog articles, press releases, videos, and Images such as Infographics. Once created, they are uploaded, shared, and distributed across many channels such as Social Media.

It is a critical method of marketing, very results oriented, and also one of the least expansive techniques to market online.

Find Your Target Market Online and Join them

For a business or entrepreneur to have success through marketing, the target market should be identified, studied, and found online to join them. This means, a brand should become visible where the target market spends time at online. There are many third party tools that allow a brand to research articles, websites, news, and much more that is relevant to the brand. These are the places that the target market and potential customers are digitally speaking.

A business should become visible there as well, if it wants to have greater success rate with marketing efforts. There are third party tools that let a brand research based on keyword phrases, which websites are best. Such a tool that works great is called Link Prospector by Citation Labs.

Communicate with Your Key Customers

Once all the marketing and sales efforts have succeeded and a business has gotten customers, a brand must keep the customers (good) loyal. Not all customers are good customers, but the key customer relationships must be nurtured by a business.

Receiving valuable feedback, insights, and information from customers is invaluable to a brand’s marketing efforts. Key customers can generate referrals, be a reference, provide testimonials, and much more. Opening up communication with customers can benefit a business in many ways.

These are 5 methods and tactics that entrepreneurs and organizations can utilize for successful marketing. All of them are free or very inexpensive and companies should put them to use to succeed with marketing campaigns.

When companies are not sure, one tactic that is often used is the consulting services of an expert. Marketing consulting services can greatly enhance an organizations ability to make better decisions with marketing and avoid costly mistakes.